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We have two Cub packs – Kaa and Hathi, who meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The Kaa pack is led by Simon, with the help of Assistant Cub Leaders, Dawn, Helen and Sue, excellent Young Leaders Tom and James as well as the many parents who have given a helping hand when needed.  Thank you!

We currently have 16 cubs in Kaa Cub pack and a great bunch they are too.  This year the cubs have worked hard on their Challenge and Activity badges and many have gained their Promise, Fitness and Global Challenge badges, as well as many Activity badges including Artist, Home Help, Athletics, Scientist and World Faith.  We have also had the pleasure of handing over many ‘Silver Chief Scout’ awards.  Out of the hut we and went on a memorably muddy night walk and most recently visited a Hindu Temple in Southampton.

Last summer we were on Group camp at Lyons Copse and cubs faced the challenges that included practical problem solving that involved trying to avoid getting soaked by working as a team, map skills, fire building and of course a camp fire that included sketches as well as songs.  A severe rain storm also flooded one of the tents – a real life problem to be solved.  Those cubs that attended gained their Outdoor Challenge badge.

Hathi is lead by George.

The Cubs have been working hard over the last year on their challenge and activity badges and many of them attained their Fitness, Promise, Global Challenge Awards, as well as their Navigator, Athletics, Cyclist, Artist, Entertainer, Home Help and World Faith Activity Badges. We have also awarded at least 5 Silver Chief Scout Awards; well done to all the cubs for their hard work and commitment.

We have had some activities away from the hut, including hikes and recently a visit to the Hindu Temple in Southampton, which was interesting and informative. This was a joint visit for both packs, the cubs enjoyed it and so did stheir parents, which with out their help some events couldn’t go ahead, so I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all.

Our main camp for 2012 was a joint cub camp for Hathi & Kaa pack which was themed on the Olympics. Both packs were mixed to form teams, and were challenged on mental, Physical, creative and team work activities. They also earned either their ‘Outdoor Challenge’ or ‘Outdoor Challenge Plus’ award. The weather was pretty good for us and we all had an exciting camp.

For the future we have planned:- Cub sleepovers weekends (including camp fire, local Interest badge), Crabbing at Warsash and Crazy golf night.

If you are interested in joining, please email Keith Jefferies

 Find out how to get the uniform