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The Group was started in 1953, with just a Wolf Cub Pack in the now demolished United Reform Church in Hunts Pond Road.  It was a sponsored Group and remained so until 1972, when it was re-registered as an ‘open’ Group.  The newly registered Group, however, continued to meet at the United Reform Church.

It expanded in 1957, with the formation of a Scout Troop and in 1965 a second Cub Pack was started.  A Venture Scout Unit followed in 1968.  It continued to be a very healthy group for several years.  Unfortunately, the Venture Unit closed in 1972 and in 1974 one of the Cub Packs also closed, but reopened shortly afterwards.  It was 1983 when the first Beaver Colony was started.  A second Scout Troop (Dragon) was started in 1994, but closed in1999.

The Group had it’s own HQ in Hunts Pond Road, but this was destroyed by fire.  The Cubs moved to St Johns Church Hall, whilst the Scouts moved to the gym at Brookfield School.   In the late eighties the group moved to it’s current location in Titchfield Common, with a purpose built HQ, mostly accomplished by parents and helpers.  George Loftus was very instrumental in the move and the building up of the current group.  George dedicated forty years to Scouting and without his efforts and determination, 1st Locks Heath and indeed Fareham West District would not be as strong as it is today.

We started to accept girls at all levels in May 2006.