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There are two scout packs at 1st Locks Heath – Phoenix – who meet on Mondays, and Dragon, who meet on Fridays.

The Dragon pack is led by Chris and Claire, who have provided the Scouts with a packed programme that has covered a broad spectrum of activities. These include Survival Skills, Camping Skills, Pioneering, and Outdoor Cooking. The gliding in the summer months was cut back drastically by the appalling weather as the airfield was too wet to launch the gliders from the field at Daedalus. Hopefully this summer’s weather will be better!  On the air activities the Scouts have learnt about rockets, air craft recognition, wind speed measurement, weather/clouds, aircraft fuel systems, built model hovercraft, and box kites.

They have also made solar ovens, completed their DIY badge, Global Conservation badge, World Faiths badge and Emergency Aid Level 3 badge.

In the summer the Scouts went to an adventure camp at PGL, Little Canada on the Isle of Wight, where they canoed, kayaked, sailed, took part in a Dragon boat race, climbed, quad biked, high roped, went fencing, swimming, hiking and orienteering. Visited a castle and watched a medieval execution (an English Heritage special event day). Went on a giant swing, loosed off some arrows on the archery range and took part in the ‘Matrix’.

Phoenix Pack is led by Jon and the last twelve months Phoenix troop have been under canvass camping for 18 nights, put on another spectacular Christmas Sketch show, and helped to raise over £950.00 for the St George Foundation. We have achieved notable success in the competitions we have entered with one patrol winning the Special Project Trophy at County Emlyn & picking up the District Sundowner Trophy.  None of which would be possible without the help and support of my fellow leaders, Jon, Neil, James & Adam and also all the others who invest their time and energies into 1st Locks Heath.

Looking forward to the coming year it’s more of the same, Tycefell in June followed by the Malvern Challenge at the end of June, summer camp to Gloustershire at the end of August, plus other weekends yet to be planned. Also next term we have our old friend John Westerman leading some of our older Scouts to achieve ‘Master at Arms badge’, at the Hampshire Scout Rifle Range in Southampton.

If you are interested in joining, please email Keith Jefferies

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